Being physically healthy and active can shape the body for a longer time and helps older adults stay physically independent as they age. Hence, regular exercise is the key to sustain a healthy and happy life. According to the State of World Population 2019 report by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), released last week, India’s population in 2019 stood at 1.36 billion, growing from 942.2 million in 1994 and six percent of India’s population was of the age 65 and above. The percentage of old age people in India’s population has been increasing due to improvement in the health sector and a longer life span. One such study says, by 2050 there will be more older people i.e. More than 60 years old in India as compared to 15 years.
We need to design relevant tools to engage our older generations in order to engage them mentally and physically in different activities and must continue participating in family and community activities.

In order to provide good quality of life to our older generations and protect their right to live with dignity, we should equip our growing generations in systematic physical and mental activities as per the interest and requirement. As-Is scenarios, in the post-COVID era, using virtual classes and connect with them with trainers who are experts in this area can be one of the ways to engage them. Such a virtual connection provides them a platform to open and may release the stress. This would be a real tool to boost mantle activities. Physical exercise can increase metabolic activities, but it should be regulated and directed by health experts.
The coming generation should take full accountability towards improving the quality of life of older generations and should protect their right to live with dignity.


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