You gave me the strength I needed to take the next step towards my dream of spoken english. I am so grateful that you are my teacher.Thank you for emboldening me.Your positivity and encouragement brighten my days.You made me a better, more thoughtful person.Your kindness made me feel welcomed and comfortable. You helped me see I can be a better person.Thank you for your patience.You gave me the confidence to dream big. 

Syeda Mahmuda

First of all, I would like to thank Ritu mam for her immense support and guidance. Her teaching method and friendly nature is appreciable, and it helps to improve the presentation and communication skills. These regular presentations and group discussions helps a lot to overcome the shyness, stage fear and other inhibition to speak. So once again thank you mam for your support.


Very good. I like how the way you thought. You are very familiar with us. It’s good. Thanks ma’am.

Amar Nayak

Amazing guide given by her. From basics to advance and clearing of all doubts even if it is of grammatically mistakes or word meaning.

Adarsh Singh

My trainer Ritu Ma’am is very supportive and friendly because of her I started learning new things every day which is useful in my daily routine. Overall It was a great experience. All the stuff taught by Ritu ma’am are really helpful and I improved my English very much with the help of my trainer.


Ritu mam is a very good English teacher. She is very friendly in nature. I learnt a lot from her.


Encourage everyone to speak English. And if I am speak wrong sentence that time mam correct me. And She has never let up.


Upskill spoken English class is very good atmosphere for learning English. I like Ritu mam she teaches using various methods like role play, group discussion, presentation and debate which all help us to improve our confidence. It has been a good experience in my life.


I would like to thank Rithu Ma’am for her excellent teaching. The classroom session was very interesting and make me eager to listen. The lectures was with real time examples and she also made me to give presentation in class. She gave me the feedback after the presentation which helped me to improve my spoken English. Overall the class session was clear and understandable.


I joined spoken English class from one month back. When I join English class I am very nervous because I don’t know how to communicate with other’s but Ritu mam she’s teach me. It was very nice journey and Ritu mam teaching way also clear to understand people, thank you Ritu mam.

Sunil Reddy

One of the Best tutorials to learn spoken English Faculty is having very good knowledge & she is really very good in terms of explaining the subject.

Shiva Shankar

Ma’am has good experience in teach. Helping me a lot. Making me speak also. So that is good for me.


The lesson and lecture given in the class are wonderful. Teacher is very cooperative the way of teaching is amazing. The institute has taught me many thing.

Maya Subba

I had a good experience in this institute. Before coming here I knew a bit grammar but I was not fluent in spoken English. I used to feel more hesitant in spoken English but now I feel more confident while speaking. I would like to thank Ritu madam for her support, guidance and motivation.


Had a great learning experience with Ritu Mam. She is very patient and spends enough time with everyone while teaching.


Very good teacher.She teaches nicely with activities like role play, presentation and grammar also.Thank you Ritu Ma’am.

Pradipta Acharya

Thank you so much for teaching me, mam. I learn good English. Thank you so much.

Kaveri Yadav

Thank you so much for teaching me with lots of patience ma’am, you make every one to communicate with each other with their roleplay topics daily and thanks for improving my English skill ma’am, now I can speak excellent English.


She is a very good teacher. During her classes I improved myself a lot. Now I can speak with much confidence.


She is very good and she teaches from basics. I joined 1 month back and my English improved quite a lot. If any one want to english from basics I will suggest ritu is best option. I will give 5 stars to her.


She is very good spoken english teacher. There are lots of practice sessions that helps to learn fast. She gives attention to each and every student.”


Very good class good teacher my English is improved I really like it understood all tense and grammar.

Amrita Acharya

Ritu ma’am is an inspiring and tireless teacher who is always ready to walk an extra mile to reach out the minds of her students. I wish her all the best in life.

Poonam Gobindram

A friend of mine has joined the coaching. Her(Ritu) teaching proved inflection point in her life. Very soft spoke and kind human being. If really want to learn or hone skills then she is perfect for one.


I would like to express my gratitude for being one of your students. You taught me to think with a clear mind and write with clarity. The tips you taught me will help me throughout my life. Thank you for being an excellent teacher and I will forever stay grateful to you.Thank you Maâ??am.

Sanjay bajaj

Very good teacher, very friendly. I am learning spoken English from 20 days but my confident level of speaking English is good now. Compare to earlier a big thanks to ritu mam.

Shriraksha Laage

Mam was so friendly and she clarify doubts on that time. I would recommend to all.

B Mohan babu

I am not sure you remember me amongst the sea of students you have taught. I remember you though and I cannot forget to say thank you.

Kawaljit Singh chawla

First I couldn’t speak but mam correct me. Now I can speak well than when I was in first. So one who wants to learn and speak English have to go Mam.Best teacher.

Dhrubaraj Loushambam

Joining this English developing institution is a golden chance to develop the efficiency of English. The grammar and personality development programmes like giving presentation, discussion among the students in different fields ,discipline, speech and opinion giving etc have improve my self confidence as well as personality. Not even me but also who have studied in this institution are now the best ones.

Pureljeet Loushambam

Ritu Ma’am is a very good teacher. I have had 3 sessions with her and I really liked her teaching style. She is helping me with my spoken English by giving me opportunity to speak on different topics and by also giving valuable feedback on my performance. She has a firm grasp of English language and she is a very open minded person. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for English classes.

Shubham Agarwal

My experience is good with her and her way of teaching is like everyday you will get topic based presentation, roleplay, conversation on different topics along with that she has covered grammar portion also. This is my 2nd week only i have improved a lot in my communication


She is good teacher.I improved a lot. She taught nicely all concept. Good and debate session are excellent.


I have been attended this spoken english class last 7 days. Now I have learned so many things. Specially GD classes are amazing or vocabulary also.I am habituated this activity.It will more helpful to me.

Sabyasachi Badatya

I got a valuable experience from the class. I really loved it. It is good for all the students who want to take best tutorials. Thank you so much Ritu Mam.

Baniara khatun

I got a valuable experience from the class. I really loved it. It is good for all the students who want to take best tutorials. Thank you so much Ritu Mam.

Baniara khatun

She is very professional and polite teacher. She gives attention to each and every student. Her teaching style is very interactive. Students are indulged in different activities to improve their communication and presentation skill. She gives assignment after every class. Students also involve in different activities like PPT presentation, debate and group discussion.

Neha Chauhan

Ritu mam have a good knowledge about english and she cleared all the doubt very clear fully and very responsible about each and every student.

Sachin Kumar

I highly recommend Ritu as a spoken English class. As student, I have had the pleasure of to take coaching from Ritu for the past few weeks. She has always been driven to develop her skills as a teacher and transfer same knowledge with her students. She has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially IT professional.

Mohammad Daoud

My experience has been amazing, because it is a place where I am being mentored by such a strong teacher. The mentoring is insightful and contains loads of fun, which motivates me to get there every day. I was not a good speaker and still am learning, and would never like to break this journey and it is just because of the handholding that I have been receiving.

Juhi Kumari

Good and excellent trainer. She has given role play practice for develop my communication skills and confident.

Prakasan M

She is very good. Her teaching gave me more confident. She is very polite and patience with the student. I wish her all the best.


I would greatly recommend Ritu sachdeva as a tutor. She is an excellent tutor who is very knowledgeable and extremely patient, thoughtful and thorough tutor. She helped me with EILTS. My session went very well. I knew everything I needed to before my exam.

Adnaan qidwai

I like the way the mam trains students. The Spoken English course helped me to improve my confidence and to develop my English knowledge. It was a fabulous experience, and it will help me in my future.

Neha Sahu

Excellent her training helped me a lot my spoken English is improved. Her training is very innovative.

Sheetal chawla

My experience here is good and got to discover new things and got to interact with new people. So I would suggest to go here.

Arun Kumar

She is very good teacher. She helped me a lot to improve my English and to gain my self confident. Her teaching process is very good.


Ritu mam teaching is excellent. She is very good teacher. At the time of teaching she do more activity it’s useful for to build communication , to build self confidence. Before I was joined classes I was not confident to speak in front of people. But now my confidence level should be build up and now I am not hesitate while taking with people in English.These magic only happen by the teaching techniques of Ritu mam.


English to me. First few days she gave me couple of nice English book to read and told me that how much I understand just to bring her on phone.. First few days I found difficulty in this but gradually this posses started helping me lot. Then she started talking English with. Not only while sum times on phone too. So now I m very greatful to Ritu.

Ananya Roy

Ritu madam is very well versed with teaching skills and and am learning English from her since a month and my english speaking and writing has improved a lot.

Sumita Das

Ritu is a wonderful instructor she always helps me to improve my vocabulary also she helps me in presentations also which really helpful in my professional career.


She is an excellent spoken English trainer. The way she teaches it becomes very easy to learn. In class, she gives importance to each and every student and make sure that student is understanding. It’s an activity based learning that helps a lot and it helped me Excel in presentation skills.


It was overall good experience. She made us understand the concepts clearly.Even the pronunciation and vocabulary part was taught good. My way of speaking has improved a lot.


Ritu is one of the best spoken English tutors that I have come across her english vocabulary is something that I like. She is too good in all aspects of teaching.

Sunidha Kodali

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