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Hey! I’m Ritu

Director of Ritz coaching – Path to success, with experience in life and wellness coaching, Sales in banking Sector, and teaching. Most of the people who have worked with me best describes me as a mindful entrepreneur with a competitive approach. My passion for coaching and my determination has contributed to most of my recent success as an entrepreneur. The individuals coached under me are leading a successful life and have fulfilled their goals in life with passion and lots of productivity. I believe mindfulness in the workplace is the key to success. With 13 years of experience in coaching, Sales in the Banking department, and teaching, I believe in work-life balance is one of the most important skill which any human being needs to develop and I am here to assist you with that.

I help individuals in developing confidence, ability and willingness to solve their problem through effective coaching. Moreover I help individuals to set meaningful goals and identify specific behaviour for meeting them. In addition, I help individuals to broaden the thinking, increase their effectiveness, identify their strengths and development of their needs and set and achieve challenging goals.

I have helped students achieve their academic goal. Many of our students were born into poverty, and some were neglected or discarded. With the right inspiration and a little help on the academic front, these kids can quickly catch up in school, get ahead and develop the skills and self-esteem to be successful in life and I was so happy to be a part of changing their lives for the best.

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