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Soft Skill Trainer

Basic Level 1

Self-introduction, how to answer questions regarding family, friends, places, and things.
How-to-ask about trains, bus, cab-service, directions, price, quantity of articles, food & beverages.
How-to-express yourself, your likes and dislikes pertaining to places, food, movies, people, sports & sportspersons.

Basic Level 2

Ask yourself.
Set the complex questions about yourself, family, friends, and people you meet in everyday life, places you go to and things you use and answer yourself.
Learn how to communicate well with professionals and socially (boss, banks, doctors, hospitals, shopkeeper, parties etc).
Speak about your preferences in entertainment, modes of transport, places, celebrities, & foreign lands
How to interact and transact in social situations regarding regular needs

Intermediate Level 1

Express your opinion & facts as clearly as possible. The topics may range from people, places, things and situations relevant to you.
Complete complicated and difficult transactions with social and professional agents
How to present your opinion, case or argument. Learn how to clearly put your point of view and also defend it.

Intermediate Level 2

Explain yours and ask others about dreams, personal experiences, goals, ideas, and emotions.
How to finish communication in a social and professional milieu.
Learn to give words to your preferences related to social, political and economic concepts and situations.

Advance Level

Learn how to share or communicate effectively and in detail your materialistic gains (home, car, job, work etc).
Learn to keep forth your point of view in small group as well as huge gatherings (like office parties & presentations/meetings).
Learn the right word pronunciations to make your point in a forceful manner. Learn the phrase and idioms to help in social situations.
How to structure an argument logically specifically for office meetings.

Be a learned English scholar

How to speak spontaneously on any given topic in office. Learn it at this advanced stage.
The sophisticated language learning and minimum usage of verbs
How to present an argument and logically attack the opponent with ready defence on complex issues.


IELTS is an English proficiency test, for admission in an English speaking university and also for migration. Coaching for IELTS is basically enrolling for an IELTS prep institute that can prepare you the right way.

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