The simple meaning of Self Care is caring for yourself. There are multiple components falling under the gamut of self-care. In other simple words, self-care means anything one has to do to keep themselves healthy.

The term healthy can be further divided into 3 major categories. 

  1. Physically
  2. Mentally
  3. Spiritually 

Why is Self-Care Important?

In this retrace world where people are professionally engaged in most of the day hour and had a hard time to deal with surrounding and spending very less time in taking care of yourself. While you are engaged in assisting others and helping someone who may be in crisis, during such time it is important for you to also take care of yourself. Self-care means simply mindful of your own needs, demand, and desire so that you can better able to support the people you care about. If you are taking good care of yourself.

Engaging in Self-care activities clinically proven to be an effective tool to lessen or eliminate anxiety, sadness, and depression kind of feeling reduces stress, improve concentration, amplify calmness, minimize frustration and anger, improve happiness and improve energy. From the lenses of physical health, self-care has been reducing the chances of heart issues, heart stroke, and other related diseases. Spiritually, it may assist in tune with our higher power as well as making our life deeper and more meaningful,  

Considering Obstacles

One of the proven reasons people are not giving time to themselves and not participating in self-care is due to lack of time. Whilst, on a daily basis we are going a lot, but it is highly imperative that we take out some time every day for our self, even if it is minimally. The other remarkable aspect of self-care is that it is free of cost or cost nothing and it will provide you numerous perks These perks are especially beneficial during the current COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing regulations.

Building a Personalized Self-Care Plan

It has been proposed 8 dimensions of wellness, these dimensions conceptualize the domains of wellness that makes us whole. These dimensions are as follows.  

  • Emotional – Talk to someone, reflect, read, do something artistic, listen to music, work out, take a walk, watch something that suits the mood, cry it out, hug someone, cuddle, laugh, take a nap.
  • Environmental – Take a nice walk, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the sun, enjoy the night sky, avoid littering, pick up litter, reduce waste, use reusable products, recycle, clean your house, redesign a room.
  • Financial – Practical financial plan, open a savings account, start saving, try saving even more if you are already saving, invest, 
  • Intellectual – Read, watch documentaries, complete puzzles, be mindful of the world around you, become curious, try something new, tap into your creative/artistic.
  • Occupational – Get your degree, train for a promotion, accept the promotion, put together your resume, polish your resume, apply for your dream job;
  • Physical – Work out daily, take a walk, eat healthily, get your annual checkup, see the dentist, take medications as prescribed, avoid drugs and alcohol;
  • Social – Meet up with friends and family, keep in contact with old friends, volunteer, go out, have fun, engage in healthy social media use, exude positivity, utilize technology when the distance is a factor, have a big laugh.
  • Spiritual – Meditation, regular prayer, regular engagement in yoga, visit a meaningful site, do right by others, be mindful, consider your higher purpose and meaning, look to your higher power for support, love one another, help those in need.

Self-care is a vital activity that can be exercised on daily basis. Doing it regularly will lead to a better life balance.


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