Artificial intelligence [AI] is a broad branch of computer science , aim to create systems  that can function intelligently just like humans .AI is an imitation of human intelligence process by machines . The intelligence processes include learning reasoning, and self– correction. Specific AI application includes machine vision, speech recognition and expert systems.

The beginning of AI happened currently with the rise of computer and dotcom boom. For many, the utilization of computers in the world was the most advanced role they could ever see machine taking .However, life has drastically changed from 1950.

Through a robot body, one can utilize AI algorithms to portray individual thinking.

The first general purpose robot is called Shakey. It was developed at the Stanford Research Institute from 1966 to 1972.Shakey was the first robot to think in advance.

Also the scientist knew that AI is going to be the future of the world or future of the mankind.

Due to the advancement in the robotics science it is now possible to make impossible things possible.

Advantages of AI are –

1] Reduction in human error.

2] Takes risks instead of humans.

3] Available 24×7.

4] Helping in repetitive jobs.

5] Digital assistance.

6] Daily applications as Apple’s Siri and Window’s Cortana.

7] New inventions and medical science.

– By Devraj Bordoloi

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