Wellness today is a very glorified and exaggerated connotation fashioned with the commercial quotient of making fast money. The fact of the matter is, the connotation has to do more with the state of being. Be it physical, mental, spiritual, diet, exercise, weight managing, controlling depression, etc. In short, you can say a holistic integration of all these as was practiced in ancient Veda. It can also be further related to being comfortable, free from any illness, injury, or a way of expressing/wishing a friendly gesture of happiness and well-being for everyone concerned around you while you sat for drinks and merriment.

I recall an incident that was very eye-opening and very synonymous with this blog. I was having my routine beauty treatment at a beauty parlor, there entered a young trendy girl. She must be around 14-15 years and wanted to be treated with facial. I could see she had a lot of dark patches on her forehead and severe acne on her cheeks. She started with her treatment in a room next to me. I was taken aback because this tender girl was subjecting her skin to very harsh chemicals and beauty methods which certainly were very damaging because, at this age, the skin is in the phase of blooming naturally. This girl was blocking the natural process for the skin to grow and get nurtured through healthy diet and body movements apt for her age. I was told she was a regular client and that she was put up in a hostel as she came to pursue her studies from Dalhousie. She certainly didn’t seem to have any proper guidance on how to deal with the acne issue she was suffering from. I told the owner of the parlor that she should have counseled the girl not to go for such harsh treatments but guide her to a good wellness center because she needed good professional help of cleansing her internal and external well-being. Surprisingly, the owner said that was not her lookout. She was her customer and she better looks after her. She cannot let her go out of hand. I came to know late from the beautician who attended me that her problem had become very severe and she had to undergo skin grafting which had ruined her soft skin texture.

Today Wellness is safely used in exploiting the commercial astute. In the metros and big cities, you will find wellness centers mushroomed in every nook and corner replacing the traditional “beauty parlors” of yesteryears. Not- to- paint the carpet red in general, however, there are genuinely run wellness centers which cater curing emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual well-being of their client which is run by experts and highly qualified professionals. But then, they come with a price tag and have niche clientele. Wellness resorts are in vogue offering packages as “Wellness and Holistic living” highly customized. Mostly targeting corporate, multinationals, industrialists, and celebrities. They are equipped with treatments and upgraded guidelines reinvented with the latest know-how periodically. As they are attending to niche educated masses.

In the case of Companies, Institutions, Industries the motive stressed, is to increase productivity and retain the stress-free (evolved mentally + physically) composure of their employees. These are mostly training program incentive packages. This is a booming market and wellness packages are becoming highly prominent with them.

Wellness treatments are also very popular with elderly population because it helps them manage disease-free healthy living. Here wellness is defined as proper nutrition, regular exercise to fight obesity, avoiding the risk of fall and fatal injury (basically age-related) due to fragile body mechanisms. Managing and monitoring diet is very crucial to wellness. Healthy fresh whole foods which are plant-based, fruits, nuts, food devoid of toxins and poison are most appropriate for enhancing wellness living. Sleep also plays a very crucial role in observing wellness. Abstaining from beverages, alcohol, and improving immunity to prevent succumbing to cold and flu, adequate physical activity, smooth body movement, sexual health, stress-free temperament is a prime concern for healthy wellness-oriented living.


Today’s youth are also equally Wellness Savvy. Technology has made them over knowledgeable and socially isolated. They are obsessed with the look- good-feel-good attitude. I remember an incident in a gym I used to visit. There was this young boy, who joined a few days back and in his enthusiasm to show off the little knowledge that he garnered on youtube and personal videos, he happened to injure his right leg ligament The injury was so fatal that he was operated on and was in the merge of getting paralyzed. He was not supposed to visit a gym or work out for another six months. He has realized that wellness is not a casual activity or a topic to be just playing around with, but a serious health regime that works with discipline, safety measures accompanied by professional help. Wellness is all about mental and physical being in sync with each other.



When the market is over-flooded or overdosed with information on a particular activity in society which has become a trend. It is dangerous and harmful. Especially when it deals with our body. The body is the temple of our soul and hence very essential we don’t take It for granted by indulging in activities and regimes that could instead of opting for a Wellness Zone lead us to Careless Zone sometimes diving us into a handicap of life regret.

Wellness certainly is a way of Life! Well planned, well structured! Well Lived!

The author and poetess is Miss Aruna Gohil from India.  Writing is her passion. She is a blogger, social media advisor, writes short stories, scripts for web series etc. print media in India. Also writes blogs for Corporate. Her writing has always implicated change be it on women empowerment, climate change, human behaviour, fiction, romance etc.  Her poems are published in the international Poetry digest and Writer’s digest














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