Miss Nishishree is from Jharkhand. She has completed her master’s from Bangalore University. she has always been an avid reader and writer is natural to her. She has generated content for her academics. She has written short content as a part of freelancing. Her contents include short stories, poems, current topics, scripts, etc.

What is Wellness?

In a healthy body resides a healthy man. We all have felt it so close yet try to undermine it. Wellness has quite become an overrated term now. Let’s first understand it. I believe it is a dynamic process of becoming more aware and living a fulfilling life. A state characterized by happiness, health, and prosperity.

According to a recent study, the most common health problem now is depression and anxiety. Everybody has suffered through this phase. Some take it in a healthy way while for others it takes a toll on their mental state. Not everybody is strong enough to cope up with it. The only thing which can supplement is awareness of things. Embarking on a wellness journey makes one holistically developed and consciously aware. Here are some of the points towards these steps:

  • Balance-One needs to acknowledge the healthy balance between work-life and personal life. This is one of the most crucial factors which are ignored the most. Everybody is busy with a hectic life and lack of sufficient attention does not result in optimal development.

This can lead to chronic unhappiness and can also give rise to various mental disorders.

Poor work-life balance is a grieving factor. The company should also take charge of its employees’ well-being.


  • Proactiveness-A positive perspective and physical activeness change the complete dimension of life. One needs to be positive even during the toughest of times. What we manifest is what the universe gives in return. One needs to be completely involved in life so they don’t get ideal to propel negative thoughts in them. Proactiveness can be anything is it doing yoga, gardening, cooking or reading books, etc. It’s not a deliberate assumption but a reality. Try being completely active. Travel across the world and find no sign of anxiety. Traveling is a proven reason to kill depression and also lead to the creative growth of the mind.


  • Social Connectedness-Often times, we get so engaged in our personal life that tends to compromise our social life. Connecting with your friends can be a great way to boost your morale. A true friend can act as a godfather to you and can pull you to get through difficult times. Try talking to them at least for 10 minutes every day. Your mind gets profoundly carried away with these good vibes.


  • Nutrition-The most important of all the factors. Poor nutrition doesn’t lead to a healthy mind and body. The recent trend of eating near roadside stalls or going to a café for small bites has made one obese. Obesity is a common problem faced by half of the population. Irregular eating habit, binge eating a lot, sitting for a long time has given rise to such problem. Healthy food is a key to a healthy lifestyle. Start your day with lemon water and have enough intakes of salads. Keep your body hydrated.



  • Exercise-One needs to give at least 30 minutes for a workout every day. Exercise helps to keep your insulin level in balance and make your body organs active. Considering this pandemic, it is extremely important. It also keeps your oxygen level in check and likewise a healthy heart.

It can be of any form be it running, cycling, gymming, etc.

  • Sleep-Last but not least; sound sleep is very important. Lack of sleep is like a slow poison that kills a person minutely. Never compromise your sleep for work-life. Every day 8 hours of sleep is as important as anything else.


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