Is it time to reset? Off late, we have been dealing with mental health and anxiety issues, lifestyle modifications, etc. The topsy –turvy ride has impacted our way of sustainability in 2021. Despite facing bottlenecks in all the sectors, the one trend that has been moving forward is “WELLNESS TREND”. Counting the list of top ten trends you should all give a try:


  1. Virtual Wellness

Oh! This one strikes just the right chord with me. How much I enjoy sitting on the couch and sipping a coffee while going digital. Online classes in the form of meditation, yoga, therapy have gone up. The digital platform has propagated into making our home a temporary gym makeshift. You can now virtually connect with your wellness coach and can have a peaceful conversation away from hustle and bustle of the city.

  1. Mindful eating

The most synchronizing way of living is to try practicing mindful eating. Try bringing all senses to your meal by following set times and switch off all the electronic gadgets. You should begin your day with a detox drink followed by 30 minutes of light exercise. Try embracing more vegetables, whole grains, or legumes. Healthy eating can increase better digestion and elevate your enjoyment of your meals, resulting in an increase in better and mental and physical health.

  1. Digestive Wellness

Your gut is directly related to your brain and any emotions can trigger a bad effect on gut health. No wonder, your gut is called the second brain. The best thing to get away with is to make use of probiotics which has dual-roles in digestive wellness support and sugar reduction. Research shows that 63 percent of consumers recognize that digestive health plays an extremely important role in their physical health and 57% in relation to their mood. Fermented food is gaining traction and this is not restricted to yogurt. Foods like sour pickles, bananas, and grapefruit are also the ones gaining momentum. Adding it daily to your diet supports your immune system and promotes urinal and genital health. This is one of the wellness trends one should definitely try.

  1. Self-care regime

Self-care is a definite need to prioritize yourself over others whether in terms of nutrition, mind, hygiene, etc.

The most essential thing is getting quality sleep. Not getting enough sleep can lead to poor gut-brain interaction. This is the only way to have a check on your stress level. Sleep deprivation can make you irritable, moody, and impatient.

Apart from that, one should give enough time to physical exercise. Exercise releases endorphins (hormones that make you feel good) and also reduces the risk for chronic disease.

One should avoid mindless snacking. Single-serve packages make you less likely to eat endless amounts in one sitting at the same time you need to reconsider what you buy in bulk.


  1. Sustainable Packaging

The impact of humankind on the natural world is one of the greatest challenges we face today and in the decades ahead. This is where sustainability comes into use. This kind of Packaging has become economically more viable. The quality of life in addition to the longevity of the ecosystem has been impacted most by it. Consumers have started demanding alternative ways to plastics such as ceramic, recycled plastic, silicon, etc. It is saving our natural resources for further depletion. Well! I firmly believe the trend of huge industrialization is still a long way to go. According to the business wire, Corona Reinvents Sustainable Packaging by Launching Beer Pack Made Using Barley.


  1. Micro tracking over metrics

In the last year, we saw a tremendous boom in new health micro-tracking features across wearables. This is the trend that is surpassing everything in 2021. These wearable brands are a good way to monitor your overall health though they can’t replace a traditional doctor. You can monitor your heart rate variability, glucose level and keep a check on your oxygen and stress level. This is one wellness trend gaining a lot of traction and definitely would go beyond that.


  1. The holistic approach to health

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to prioritize your health above everything. This pandemic has been tough for all of us. I believe one should use spare time to rediscover themselves. Try your hand in gardening or baking. Connect with new people virtually and go for talk therapy. Develop the habit of reading books as it increases your creativity. Utilize your potential energy into adapting new lifestyle.




  1. Travel Destination

This pandemic is not safe for the outdoors but the best thing you can do is to go offsite and discover nature. There is more hidden treasure outside the city. Travelling has been clinically proven to deal with anxiety and stress by boosting self-esteem and confidence. Surround yourself with nature and explore different shades of yours. It invites greater self-exploration and appreciation of life.

  1. Bio hacking

This implies making small incremental changes in diet that determine your body type, eating patterns, and lifestyle best suited for your body. One needs to be very cautious about what works best for their body. If you can ascertain it properly then you are less at risk of developing lifestyle diseases and optimize your bodily functions. Some form of bio hacking is safe like taking supplements or making changes to your diet. Overall this is the time to discover yourself through this.

  1. Working out at home

As not everyone is comfortable stepping out to public places, the fitness freaks are now looking at creative ways to find keep themselves active and maintain that fit body. Last but not the least, this should not be underestimated. Never forget to devote some time to your body coz it is the only time that you embrace and worship lifelong. Simple stretching exercises are the simple and easy ways to maintain your physical health. At least if not others then why not this.













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