Since the past three years, words like New normal, work from home, sanitization, online meets have taken over our tongue and our and our day-to-day activities. This new normal has revolved the way we look at our lives. It is always said “Change is inevitable” but did anyone wonder how drastic this change would be?


The whole world had paused for a virus we couldn’t even see and this invisible monster ate away so many live and got such a disaster. Did anybody ever imagine this? Even in such hard times we had to maintain 2-meter distance and our smiles would be covered under our masks. Has anyone thought big Indian weddings would come down to just fifty people? Have you ever thought the first sight you have of you holiday destination would not be jaw dropping but RTPCR test? Today we are living in such an uncertain world where the line “Har din aise jio jaise ki aakhri ho” has actually come true.

Now coming to my story, I never thought I would wake up in the morning and the first thing I would see not the birds chirping but the lifeless squares on my laptop screen. When I look back during the lockdown, a lot of students were dancing in joy as the schools were shut but little did, they know that they would be stuck in this cage for three more years. With no interaction and no sports, we all experienced a downfall. Lot of students underwent loneliness and uncertainty about the future. Online solutions had come up as a solution but it didn’t eradicate the problem. With a whole chaos going on in a student’s mind, how do you think he would concentrate on a screen? It also became a tedious task for parents with young children to educate and nurture them. A lot of students experienced eye strains and other eye related problems. Hence it wasn’t totally appealing to children as well as parents.

Every coin has two sides, so let’s come to the positive side. This new normal has made us all care  about our health and how “jaan hai toh Jahan hai”. It showed us the value of spending each day with the one you love and thanking them for all they have done. During the lockdown, the greatest experience would be to see the healing nature. We all saw artistic skies, less pollution, cleaner air and the wildlife living beyond its cage!

We were all caged inside, but we were not alone. “Strength lies in unity “and when you have your family with you , even the hardest times pass. The human race was lost in a forever marathon of work, but this pandemic made us all realize that family time can heal all scares, All over, these three years were like a roller-coaster ride of worry, uncertainty and confusion but we still found happiness and a little joy for ourselves.

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