“The simplification of life is one of the steps to inner peace. A persistent simplification will create inner and outer well-being that places harmony in one’s life.”

 By Peace Pilgrim

Daily life can be busy, hectic, and at times overwhelming. We are rewarding ourselves with toxicity with too much preoccupation. Happiness is shadow-banned and people are struggling to keep themselves alive. Talking about few tips which we can follow to keep ourselves happy:

  • Escape for a while-This means taking time out from your busy schedule in rediscovering your path. Try reading good books and novels as they are ought to be people’s best friends. They altogether take you into a different world and escape from the present. One can also try watching new movies to refresh themselves.
  • Take responsibility for your action-Our potential stressors for life are primarily this. Once we let go of the things which are beyond our control. We can live a healthy life. We know it’s the toughest thing to act upon but once practiced can make us be more constructive. Accepting the fact is also another thing not to be overlooked. When we start becoming more responsible for ourselves so we can take care of others well being.
  • Set boundaries for yourself-This help us to take charge of our life. Our boundaries need to be prioritized. We need to understand the difference between needs and wants. Natural resources are scarce and one needs to use them conductively. The boundaries may not be too rigid but at least should define our set standards to be within our limits. Some of the things which one needs to restrict are social media time, talk time, TV time, and Work time.
  • Practice mindfulness-This can be your greatest achievement if you take a moment to feel gratitude for something in the present moment. It could be a thing as simple as drinking your coffee or as big as doing some herculean task. The mind needs to be still and stable to achieve this. One should practice meditation, do sunbathe or yoga to keep a balance of mind and body.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously-We tend to think that people are having perfect life just because of Facebook posts and status. This is where we tend to overlook things. we should learn to embrace our flaws and weirdness and should not seek reassurance every time. Try to remove sources of negativity by not trying to please everyone. Once one habituates itself in not seeking comfort in seriousness can live a constructive life.
  • Spend time with nature-This could be the best stress buster for everyone. Long-term exposure to nature is an opportunity for one too deals with life’s everyday stress. Appreciating nature, taking short walks may find your serenity. Spending time near lakeside has been proven to be psychologically good for one’s well-being. Apart from that one can also try meditation which can stabilize your mind and body.

     Our inner happiness comes from our own inner being. We should not compromise it for anybody’s sake and give ample time to find peace. The road to rediscovery can be tough but not inevitable.

   One may not be a perfectionist and need not be the one but should always believe in yourself. Inner happiness is the one that is long-lasting and eternal.              





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