Why copy others when you’re your own best version type guy/girl? Maybe you are a bit nervous about your personality, or lack of confidence often pulls you back. Even though whatever the big obstacle is coming about on your way, if you aspire to do something remarkable, just give it a go without a look back. If still, it’s getting hard for you, then try out these tips by experts that miraculously help you turn you into the best version. The time to forget those worst nightmares has arrived!

1.      Recognize yourself better!

Who are you? Question yourself about what your specialties are and how you are different from others. Identify your real personality and observe an incredible hike in your confidence level.

2.      Embrace your Fears like a friend!

It’s easy to avoid the occasions that put you into the worst fear. But by doing this, you are only promoting your worries. You should find a way to overcome it. Similarly, better than acceptance, there’s no most excellent alternative.

3.      Laugh at your stupid mistakes!

Don’t feel shy over your stupidity; everyone makes mistakes, but dealing with such situations makes you a unique person of your own kind. Laugh if you have made a mistake because scientifically, it has been found that a beautiful smile works as a magic ingredient that makes you look attractive.

4.      Appreciate people’s opinions!

Since you are on the journey of becoming the best version of your own, so there’s no need to feel stressed about what others think about you or how they comment on you. Instead, appreciate their opinions and respect their thoughts and obtain love and respect in return.

5.      Throw away those fake Tips & Tricks!

Those fake tips and tricks only work in dreams; reality demands logical and practical sense. Becoming the best version isn’t that difficult; you just need to identify yourself, and here you go! Someone’s suggestion can sometimes negatively impact your emotions. It isn’t necessary that they are always right.

6.      Recognize the opportunity!

Find the opportunity, even amid the bad times. It doesn’t take challenging, though. You just need a clear vision and positivity in mind and see how the environment around turns pleasant for you.

7.      Celebrate your small wins!

We all are used to celebrating big victories while ignoring those small achievements that keep us encouraging. So what happened if you are still back in the race and your friends are consistently climbing up on the stairs of success? Stop the wheels of your thoughts and look at your small achievements; they are ready to please you.

8.      Say “NO” to copycats life!

Stop being a copycat if you want to be your best version. It is undoubtedly the best option to avoid being a mimic of some other when you aspire to highlight your own personality.

The Bottom: Stay calm and give your best!

Last but not least, ‘keep calm and keep giving your best.’ Even if you don’t win, you made your efforts, and it is a rare thing because most people do not even make efforts.



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