I Rubeena Mohammed, in my View Health is the most important resource of any human being or living creature. Not only in today’s era but also in the olden times health was considered as the greatest Wealth as “Health is Wealth”.

If I take you to my grand ma’s recipes, I can easily say that, the recipes prepared by our granny use to be so much of health beneficials to that as add-ons we taste her love and affection too into it, then it becomes much healthier flavored with natural ingredients, tasty, delicious food.

In today’s time we all got habited to eat outside, where its only cooked to earn more money so the natural ingredients of our mother’s or granny’s added flavor always missed into it.

So, in my opinion give your highest priority to home food first rather than the outside food. Yes we can occasionally go for outside food too.

The food we eat and drink should be cleansed properly, because what we become is with the things we intake,

i,e; Food, Water and Air.

Let’s discuss upon these 3 major food components of our life.

  • Food: When it comes to eating habits, one should always go for healthy eating habits, mostly give the highest priority to the raw foods that are directly grown on trees. Like Fruits and green Leafy Vegies than the deeply cooked and fried foods.


  • Water: Our body is made of majorly 70% of water consumed by our brain. So importance of drinking pure and adequate amount of water by each one of us.


  • Air: We inhale about 11,000 liters of oxygen per day. It is written in the divine books the amount of consumption of air, water and food into our body on the daily basis is almost 4-5 liters of water and approximate collection of all nutrients we build our healthy body.


Best way to maintain our divine Wellness is through Health. Here I would like to explain the benefits of deep breathing.

“Inhaling and exhaling deeply can help quell stress, which may mitigate symptoms of various chronic diseases.”

When it comes to improving our health, many of us focus on areas we can easily quantify and track, such as how many carbs or calories we consume or how many times we exercise each week. Although it may be harder to measure, reducing and managing stress is a key component of staying healthy.

Chronic stress has been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and anxiety, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Deep Breathing Can Signal Your Body To Relax

It’s important to note that breathing exercises are a complementary therapy, says Dr. Lin. “Deep breathing should not replace any of the other medicines or interventions that your doctor recommends,” she says. Put differently, deep breathing is not an alternative therapy.

There’s a lot to recommend deep breathing as a complementary therapy, says Baxter Bell, MD, a former family doctor who now teaches yoga and practices medical acupuncture. “There really aren’t any side effects, and breath exercises can be accessed any time of the day. It’s very empowering to be able to use breathing to help reduce stress and improve focus,” he says. 


How Stress Can Impact Disease

According to a previous study, an estimated 60 to 80 percent of primary care doctor visits are related to stress, and yet only 3 percent of patients receive stress management help.


Stress affects most health conditions, says Philip Barr, MD, a board-certified integrative health doctor and staff physician at Global Cardio Care in Los Angeles. “Basically, our nervous system flows to every tissue in the body. If the stress side of our nervous system is overactive, it literally affects every tissue in our body; any kind of disorder that is already going on in that organ system can be made worse by stress,” he says.

As with exercise or meditation, deep breathing will be most beneficial if you treat it as a daily practice, says Lin. “It can help in the moment — I’ve had patients who were anxious lower [their] blood pressure and heart rate significantly with just a minute of deep breathing. However, you will have the most benefit if you practice regularly,” she says. This will help your body will recognize what you are doing and be more responsive,” she adds.


6 BEST Doctors in the World:

  1. Sun
  2. Rest
  3. Exercise
  4. Diet
  5. Self-Respect
  6. Real Friends

Consider your body as a temple and take care of it on daily basis, if not it is the only thing god has blessed you to survive on to this beautiful earth.

Thank You Almighty Allah For Everything….

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