Self esteeem

Self Esteem, very real, personal, and subjective growth over one’s self. A desire to appreciate and feel likely inward towards yourself. We know our lives are fast pace and all of us are critical about some of the other things. The loneliness, stress, fast lives have made a man mechanical. He has forgotten himself and lost in this crowd. This is where self-esteem hits you right at back. We talk about it but never figure out how to deal with it. Here are a few pointers for I believe to be useful:

  1. Act confident-you wear confidence with your view, outlook, and smile. Practice this quality precisely. Act as if your subconscious mind knows very well you are a perfect fit. Never undermine yourself and feel lost. Remember, if you lack confidence, then you are not persistent. Work hard and see how much of your craft has improved. This will make you confident. Wear confidence in your tough time as it teaches you patience.
  2. Be the best version of yourself-Generally, most underrated term but worth a thousand words. It has a larger-than-life picture. It means feeling good about yourself, your abilities, and your thoughts. Bringing the best with your head held high does all the wonders. Try reading good books to be creative and increase the vocal capacity of the mind. Spend time with good people who appreciate and bring about the best in you. Participate in co-curricular activities other than academics. This will boost your stamina and give you morale. Suit your environment and wear your cape. Your dress makes up the entire mood. Nobody likes to attend a shabbily dressed person irrespective of your status.                                         
  3. Try something new-You can make your life a little adventurous by adding spice to it. Go for hiking and trekking giving yourself a personal space. Try creating a new hobby that is a completely different side of you. Maybe, a painting, cooking, gardening or dancing, etc. Give it an hour and see how much you enjoyed it even though you failed. That feeling of at least trying something new is enough to boost your self-esteem. I have tried meeting new people to be more extroverted and frank in-crowd which in itself is something big achievement for me coming to the fact how introverted I am. The newness in life brings calmness to the soul.
  4. Eat well, Sleep well-A perfect health is very important for a healthy mind. Start your day with a healthy salad and drink enough water throughout to keep yourself hydrated. Have a light dinner and drink chamoline tea or turmeric milk before night for better sleep. You will feel refreshed the next day when you wake up. Six hours of sound sleep is very important for your body. Eating habit also describes your mood.Research found out that person who ate lot of fried stuffs tend to be more depressed then average person. If you want a good mood, never forget to have a bite of dark chocolate. Moreover, it is also good for the heart.
  5. Let go of your guilt-Guilt is a slow poison that kills a person from inside. It kills his dream, his mental well-being, and his life. We all have been accountable guilty for many things in life. The baggage to hang it over is not good. Practice the art of letting go of it. Ever felt guilty, feel sorry for self and try to improve yourself. Self-improvisation is more important than self-guilt. Start your day by reading good quotations and forget the past. Be in present and train your mind to be calm in every situation.
  6. Be proud of yourself-Boast for your accolades but be humble, your achievement gives you a ticket to be one step further in achieving your goal. It’s a boon for your mind which craves appreciation. Be proud of your failures as you tried and improvise yourself to outshine them. There has always been a situation where we have developed an inferiority complex. That shouldn’t be the reason to feel bad about yourself. It’s a very much part of life. This can make you lose self-esteem. Real bravery comes when you act confident and braved it with a witty smile. Be courageous enough to be proud of each and everything you carry.

Last but not the least; Self-esteem is what defines you in end. Never compromise it for anybody and be brave enough to walk out when it comes to you.


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